2nd Annual #LiveLikeRoo Ice Cream Photo Contest July 22, 2017 22:31

Earlier this month we celebrated Roo with an ice cream photo contest on Instagram. Everyone used the hashtag #celebrateroo on photos of their dogs and other pets enjoying ice cream.

#ICYMI here's a video of all the entrants:



People's Choice: QuatchiPug 


LLR/PYS Choice: Nash the Hedgehog, brother of Chloe and Rafee

When We First Met Roo July 09, 2017 17:50

Two years ago, we started following the story of a dog who was an owner surrender at Chicago Animal Care and Control. He was lucky enough to be rescued by two volunteers, Kelly and Sarah, who fell in love with his sweet face. They named him Roosevelt. A trip to the veterinarian, however, revealed that he had an untreatable cancer and most likely only months to live. The decision was made to co-adopt him and make the rest of his life as happy as possible surrounded by love, adventure, and ice cream! 

Like many of you, our first introduction to Roo's story came with this beautiful photo, posted on Roo's Facebook page. The photo was one of many taken by Josh Feeney while Roo and his friends hiked at Starved Rock State Park. This was just the start of Roo's many fun adventures and the start of the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo. 

In July of 2015, we read that Sarah and Kelly were planning a fundraiser to help pay for Roo's vet bills, care and feeding. We offered a PetYourShirt gift card to be raffled off and a sweatshirt with Roo's illustration on it. They asked if we would instead be interested in printing #LIveLikeRoo shirts, etc. and offering them on our website. We said, "Yes!" And a partnership was born. 

They sent us this handsome photo of Roo and the illustration was created. We liked working with them so much that we created a whole wing on our website, full of Roo-wear.


We met Roo at that first fundraiser and were excited to see so many of Roo's friends wearing his shirt.


The #LiveLikeRoo fans and followers have been so generous. To date we've sold nearly 400 items with Roo's face on it and shared more than $4,200 of PetYourShirt sales to help the Foundation. When a customer buys a Roo item from PetYourShirt, we share 20% with #LiveLikeRoo. We've also been happy to donate tote bags and bandanas for the Care Packages that the Foundation sends to the families of dogs recently diagnosed with cancer. And PetYourShirt gift cards are donated for many of the #LLR fundraisers.

Sadly Roo only lived 5 months with Sarah and Kelly. But those months were filled with fun and adventure and plenty of love. We admire the work being done by the Live Like Roo Foundation, carrying on the legacy of Roo, and we're happy and proud to be partnering with them.

Follow along this month as we continue to #CelebrateRoo. We'll be adding new items to our website, we'll have an Ice Cream Eating Photo Contest, sharing plenty of photos and more.

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And don't forget to #LiveLikeRoo!