Though Roosevelt had only a few months to live, his owners hope he inspired everyone to #LiveLikeRoo now and forever.

Roosevelt was rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control in April of 2015.  An owner surrender, he had issues urinating, bad teeth and a veterinarian determined that he has bone cancer.  His rescuers decided to adopt him and make the rest of his life as happy as possible surrounded by love and adventure, and ice cream!

Purchase an item with Roo's illustration and PetYourShirt will donate 20% to the #LiveLikeRoo Foundation. Originally set up to help with the medical care and feeding of Roo, who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September, 2015, the foundation now helps other dogs, and their families, cope and live with cancer.

To see news about the Live Like Roo Foundation, visit their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites or visit their website LiveLikeRoo.org.