My Favorite Murder Podcast

Are you a Murderino?! We are! We're huge fans of the popular podcast, My Favorite Murder, where hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff tell each other their favorite true crime stories and share hometown murders sent in from friends and fans.

Not only do they both love true crime, but Georgia and Karen also love their many pets. Elvis, the cross-eyed Siamese ends every episode when Georgia asks him if he "wants a cookie". He answers with the cutest, and loudest, of meows. Karen has a dog who's name is George, but she's a girl. And their podcast producer, Steven Ray Morris, who is the host of his own podcasts, including Purrrcast, loves his cat, Miss Penny Lane.

We created these 3 illustrations of their pets, printed them on pillows and sent them to the My Favorite Murder team. Our pillows were featured on the MFM Instagram page and in a recent post showing the podcast loft. 

Now it's your chance to order these designs.