BEFORE you order, here are some answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I send you a photo of my pet?  It'll be the very last step.  Once you've placed your order and after your payment has been approved, there will be a form that pops up for you to fill out with your name, your pet's name and an option to upload your file.  You can upload a jpeg of your pet(s) there.

If you miss the upload form, then just email your photos, at the highest resolution, "Actual Size" or biggest size to our email address: info@petyourshirt.com. In the email, be sure to give us your name, order #, pet's name and the group you would like your purchase to benefit.

• What kind of photo would be best for the shirt?  You can go to our section on Photo Tips to get our suggestions.  You can also peruse the Gallery of Pet Photos to see actual photos that were used to create shirts for other pet owners.  In short, the best photo is one where your pet is looking at the camera, showing us 2 ears and 2 eyes, in focus, even lighting, highest resolution you can provide, preferably 700 KB or greater. Ideally, your pet's head should take up the majority of the photo.  But don't crop.  We'll do the cropping.

• What kind of file should I upload?  JPGs work best.  Be sure to label the file with your pet's name and your name, so we know who we're looking at.

• What NOT to send: DON'T send small photos, under 75KB. DON'T send screenshots. Send us the actual photo.  DON'T send frames from Instagram. Send us the actual photo. DON'T send cropped photos. We can do the cropping.



How do I know what size to order?  You can go to our Size Chart and look at the measurements of each of our products.  Find your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt and measure it across the chest (2 inches under the arm seams) and down (from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt).  Then compare those measurements with our Size Chart.  Almost all of our shirts are 100% cotton (the long sleeve hoodie t-shirts are 50/50 cotton/polyester), so expect a little shrinkage over time.  For best results, wash in cold water and hang to dry.  Put the dried shirt in the dryer for a very short time to soften and de-wrinkle.



I have 3 pets.  Can I get a shirt with all 3?  Sure, we’ll do 3 pets on a shirt.  We just don’t recommend it because the pets’ heads will be so small. When we print one pet, we try to print the head life size, just for fun. With 3 on a shirt, each pet's illustration will be just about 3 inches across, printing 10-11 inches total.

There would be an additional cost for a third head — one illustration is included in the cost of the product, the second costs an additional $10, and the third costs another $10.  If you are interested in 3 pets, order the shirt with 2 pets, then click on this link to add the third pet. http://petyourshirt.com/products/additional-pet-on-a-shirt


AFTER you've ordered, here are some answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions:


• When will my order be ready?  Within 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer during holidays.  We'll send a shipping confirmation when your order has been mailed and give you a USPS tracking number.

• What are my shipping options?  We use USPS Priority mail. You'll get a tracking number and once it's shipped the order should arrive in 1-2 days, depending on where you live.

• Do you deliver outside of the U.S.?  No, sorry, we do not.  In some cases the cost of postage would be almost as much as, or more than, the shirt itself. We love our shirts and we know you would too, but that's too expensive.



I didn't receive an Order Confirmation.  Why?  You should have received one immediately after you placed your order. If not, it's possible that your email provider is blocking our emails, as spam.  Check your spam or junk  folder.  If it's not in there, then send us an email and we'll try to issue the Order Confirmation again.  If it still doesn't come through, you'll need to contact your email provider and ask them how to un-block us. It's very important for us to be able to contact you, in case we have a problem with a photo you've sent.



What is your returns policy?  Because each PetYourShirt product is personalized, we only replace items if they are defective or damaged.  If you need to exchange for a different size, there will be a charge. Send us an email at info@petyourshirt.com and we will provide you with the steps for your exchange. Be sure to check the Size Chart before you order any clothing.



What if I have more questions, not answered here?  You can email us at info@petyourshirt.com.