Photo Tips

The Best Photo: have your pet look at the camera, show us 2 ears and 2 eyes (if they have 2 of each :), in focus, bright lighting, and send it to us at the highest resolution possible.

Here are some examples of Good and Bad Photos.  While they are all cute, the good ones will turn into better illustrations for your shirt than the bad ones.  

Send us a good photo!

Here are some suggestions on getting the best photo of your pet for us:

  • have the pet looking at the camera -- makes for a cute image
  • focus on the pet's head/face, not the body, as we will just use the head
  • take the photo at eye level, so you are looking straight into the pet's eyes
  • stand back a few feet, so the animal is in focus
  • make sure the photo is well-lit
  • provide us with the highest possible resolution, 300 KB or higher would be great
  • take the photo against a simple background -- if possible a background of contrasting color.  So, if the pet is dark, against a simple light-colored background.  If the pet is light, against a simple, dark-colored background
  • look through your Facebook and Instagram photos.  You might have already taken a great photo of your pet. Use the "Option" at the bottom of the photo on FB and download from there.
Look at our Gallery of photos and the designs they became to get a better idea of what your photo should look like.
You'll be asked to upload photos as your very last step, AFTER you checkout. 
We'll confirm that we received your submission.  Then you'll receive a shipping confirmation email when your shirt(s) are in the mail, probably within 1-2 weeks. 

Send questions to us at