MFM Podcast Pets

$ 40.00

Are you a #Murderino or a #Furderino??!! Order your very own Elvis, George or Penny Lane pillow to squeeze as you listen to the scariest of details from Georgia and Karen's true crime stories.

We first found out about our September 2018 partner, Sante D'Or, from our favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder, a comedy true-crime podcast. The hosts, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff were contributing to Sante D'Or in the name of their producer, Steven Ray Morris, a cat lover and host of the podcast, The Purrrcast, and we had to know more about this rescue. Fast forward a few months and we are partnering with them.
Georgia, Karen and Steven are all animal lovers, so we sent them pillows with their pets' illustrations.
If you would like to order one of these pillows with Elvis, George or Penny's illustration, we'll share 20% of your purchase with the Sante D'or Foundation in Los Feliz, CA. 

Want the design on another product from our website? Go ahead and order. Choose your product, pay at checkout. On the form that pops-up asking you to upload your pet's photo, type in the design you would like for "Pet's Name". We'll print that illustration on your product.

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