Women's Nightshirt

$ 40.00

Okay, so maybe your significant other doesn't like to share the bed with your pet (ughhh), well you can get a nightshirt with your pet on it and show them who's boss! (or crazy, because your pet on a shirt is not the same, but at least it's close, right??)  Your pet's photo turned into an illustration. Show them who the crazy cat lady or crazy dog lady or even a crazy bunny lady is now, amiright?! There's no shame in that. Is there?!

Obtuse Otto is pictured here. But if you upload your pet's photo* (see Photo Tips), we'll print it on the shirt of your choice.

If you have 2 pets and you don't want to choose just one of them for a shirt, because then the other would be jealous, we can print both of your pets on your shirt.  For an additional $10. That's a small price to pay to keep the peace.

OR just buy two different shirts with one pet on each.  Lots of solutions here.

5.0 oz., pre-shrunk cotton, short sleeve, v-neck nightshirt.

Please check size chart for shirt measurements.

*Once you've placed your order and your payment has been approved, there will be a form for you to fill out with your name, your pet's name and an option to upload your file. You can upload a jpeg of your pet(s) there.

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