Youth Long Sleeve T-Shirt

$ 38.00

Your pet's photo turned into an illustration.  Tell your kid he/she can bring their pet to school.  Then give him/her this shirt. Okay, first they'll be disappointed, but then they'll be happy.

Lovable Roscoe is pictured here.  But if you upload your pet's photo* (see Photo Tips), we'll print it on the shirt of your choice.

If you have 2 pets and you don't want to choose just one of them for a shirt, because then the other would be jealous, we can print both of your pets on your shirt.  For an additional $10. That's a small price to pay to keep the peace.

OR just buy two different shirts with one pet on each.  Lots of solutions here.

6.1 oz., pre-shrunk cotton, long sleeve t-shirt. (FYI - this shirt is a normal length, the image here is just too short. The shirt will not make your kid look like a little Frankenstein. We promise.)

Please check size chart for shirt measurements.

*Once you've placed your order and your payment has been approved, there will be a form for you to fill out with your name, your pet's name and an option to upload your file. You can upload a jpeg of your pet(s) there.

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